This is Ossii Sound

Our mission is to build the highest quality bone conduction smartglasses!

Ossii Sound started life in early 2016. The team realized electronic devices had become a big part of daily life. There was a feeling amongst the group that life was too short to spend time focused on the small screens. The Ossii team challenged themselves to create a screen-free device that would allow anyone and everyone to spend more time enjoying the real world?

With this goal, the Ossii team formed a startup and invested two years into research and development. for the product development. From this effort the world’s first truly universal, truly wireless, open ear, bone conduction sound and eyewear device was born.

Prescription Service

You can use our prescription service to choose between standard & Carl Zeiss glasses.

Interchangeable Fronts

Change from sunglasses to prescription or blue block fronts with just a click.

Bone Conduction Quality

Sound leakage minimized, increase sound quality in our bone conduction device.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.


  • Auto power off function when the device is not in connection for 5 mins
  • Standb-by time over 15 hours/Play Time > 5 hours*
  • *The volume of sound at 50 – 60 %

Bone Conduction

  • 90% sound leakage reduced 
  • Open Ear – hear the world around you
  • Optimized ergonomics with contact points

AUTO-FIT system

  • Adjustable fit with side arms and back of the frame to secure your glasses to your comfort 
  • Adjustable bone conductor device to find your “sweet spot”
  • Titanium built frame for high flexibility to fit any head sizes.

Truly Wireless Connection

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Connect to your phone with speed
  • Wireless distance up to 15m
Pick your product

You will begin by picking your style and lens option (standard / Carl Zeiss).

Upload your certified eyesight report

Followed by uploading your eyesight report before checking out for payment.

Screening & Approval

We will check your eyesight report to confirm whether we can prescribe for you.


Once we have confirmed we will inform you by email and the glasses will begin production and shipping.


What is bone conduction audio?

Bone conduction allows you to hear sound through the vibration of the jaw and cheekbones. Sound waves bypass the outer and middle ear (where the eardrum is located) and directly stimulate the cochlea or the inner ear. The cochlea is connected to our auditory nerve, which transmits the sounds to our brain.

How the glasses is designed to fit most people head shape/size?

We created the AUTO-FIT structure, by a combination of titanium head bar, adjustable nose pad and temple tips. Moreover, the screw-free front rim changing of the three-point locking technology for vision optimization in any setting with different shapes, lenses and materials by themselves. For each set of the new eyewear, user can choose 3 x front rims with “BlueBlock” coated Zeiss lenses and/or sun lenses.

What about tax & stamp duty for shipping?

This is required by customers to arrange individually.

Is it available in my country?

We ship to most parts of the world, the countries we do not ship to are:

Why should we use Ossii Sound?

We are the first, and only sunglasses with interchangeable fronts, fully adjustable bone conductors and prescription service. The design allows you to locate the position for the best sound transmission to your personal preference. Combined with our product design, we can reduce sound leakage up to 90% without losing comfort.  This technology, when paired with the eye-protection of sunglasses, allows you to listen to your audio – music, calls, podcasts – while you’re on the go.

How does it work?

Charge using the USB cable for 2 hours. Insert the bone conductors to the side arms, bend the back arms and nose piece to properly fit your glasses to your head shape.
Sync with Bluetooth 5.0 , pick your music track and enjoy. With a unique open-ear design, ambient sounds can be heard while enjoying your stereo music.

When and where can I use Ossii Sound?

Use it for indoor or outdoor activities – hiking, riding, biking, skiing, running – or for when you’re simply on the go, want to listen to your mobile audio while need to be fully aware of your surroundings.

Whats the warranty policy?

We have a 1 year warranty policy and for details please click here!