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The Classic Connector Set

The Classic set is the go to for non-prescription users, offering 2 choices of lens between Blue-Block and Sunglasses so you can experience the true Ossii Sound experience freely!

From $185


The Prescription Set

You can prescribe blue-block / standard prescription or sun-lens in this option!

From $299.99


Interchangeable Fronts

Choose extra fronts to add to your collection! Available from $19

From $19

over-funded on Kickstarter
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What does our backers say about the sound quality?

Holy Cow these are cool and perfect for my motorcycle rides. The blue tent version of the sun glasses really look sharp while wearing them too. Just what I wanted. Thanks ....

Matt BryneKickstarter Backer

Great sound, but it could do with more room for earpiece adjustment (the best sounding area for me was just 5mm out of reach from the bone conduction pieces' max adjustment range, my head may be a bit too big haha)

TJKickstarter Backer

The sound is absolutely awesome. I did not expect this, because both Versions of the Zungle are a piece of crap and the sound is terrible on both and there is
basically NO sound leakage !

AndyKickstarter Backer

Just received mine today. The sound is very good, not having any problems with the bone condition.

Joel TestarmataKickstarter Backer

I received mine and love it! Took a bit of fiddling around but once I got the hang of it, it's awesome. Thanks for communicating with us and glad to see the finished product. It's going to make a very interesting ice breaker 🙂

Wesley GolangcoKickstarter Backer

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What are Youtubers saying about us?

GenXGrownUp 12:43

The Ossii Sound Bone Conduction eyeglasses are the latest entry into the bone conduction wearable market. Jon reviewed the original Zungle bluetooth glasses nearly two years ago, so watch as he compares & contrasts this new device from Ossii with that first generation product.

EBPMAN Tech Reviews 7:48

There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route.

Future Tech 7:29

Check out Future Tech unboxing video here!

Kevin Breeze 7:12

Let’s check out hte Connector Truly Wireless Bone Conduction Eyewear by Ossii Sound.

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Interchangeable Fronts

Why carry dozen of accesories when you can have 1, change your fronts on the go and be ready 24/7!

Prescription Service

Our brand new development – prescribe sunglasses & normal single vision glasses with us. Carl Zeiss lens are on discount at 50% off!!

Auto-Fit System

We designed the glasses to fit everyone on this planet. Fully adjustable features and it is ultra light!

Prepare For Ultimate Customization

The Most Versatile. Personalized. Zero Sound Leakage.

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